Computer Club CLOSED!
The computer club is closed and will not resume SIGS, classes or programs until October.  We have had SOS and Katie Gertz cancel their last programs and will not be meeting with computer clubs until the fall.  
All programs will resume in the fall, so please watch for your emails.  As of right now, the annual meeting will be the third Friday of October to elect new board members and to approve changes to the Bylaws.  
We apologize for the inconvenience and interuption of your computer club acitivities.  However, we do not want anyone to catch anything, end up in the hospital or not be able to enjoy their families this summer.  
Please have a safe summer, take care of yourselves and if you have questions, please call Dave Mack, the President.  

Save the Date:  Third Friday of October 2020

                                Our club needs YOU!

We also need people to help coordinate the Win10 and the Android special interest groups. If anyone enjoys writing, we need someone to write the monthly article for the SVCA Journal. If anyone has other interests that they want to become involved in, please let us know. If anyone enjoys working with databases, someone is needed to keep our membership list current – names, phone numbers and addresses, etc.
These positions will be for the 2020-21 season. For more information, please contact Linda Bennett or Dave Mack, Pres.

Starting in October: Computer Club Board Meeting 

following 3rd Friday Club Meeting