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Geocache Links

- PLEASE read these instructions completely through before beginning your Geocache fun - 

The Sunland Village Computer Club Geocache Links are a set of "private" geocache locations independently managed by the SLVCC used only within The Sunland Village 55+ Community.   These caches have been setup to provide a local precursor to the global geocache application found at should you wish to pursue geocaching at a broader level. 

The SLVCC caches ARE NOT listed on any public geocache forums, thus you cannot use geocache apps to locate them.  Instead, please read below and enjoy a little different interaction.

  1. View the SLV map below and identify a cache "treasure box" you would like to search for.  Each cache is identified by a unique treasure chest.

  2. Proceed to the bottom of the page and read the description (hints) associated with the unique chest.  The hints will provide you a more detailed description of where the cache is located (sort of).

  3. Select the treasure chest icon located beside the description. Google maps will open in a new window giving you a walking path to follow to get to your cache.

  4. You can toggle between Google maps and the website as you will have 2 different screens to work with; the hint page and maps page.

  5. When you find your treasure;

    • Take a charm <> leave a charm.

    • Sign the log found inside.

    • Then place it all back where you found it for the next group to find.


NOTE: If a walking path does not display your correct starting point, then adjust as follows; make sure the map begins at "your location", and your transportation mode is set to "walking".  Select "start" and then let Google Maps guide your journey. ​

RESTING PALMS - (Found at the corner of Delta and Rochester) To the right of the fountain, behind the rock, under the small bush (maybe stop into Rochester's for a cool beverage or lunch).

FAMILY OF NINE - (Found beside Capri Hall)  Beside Capri we see a Family of Seven mailbox stands.  Behind them look for another close Family of Nine.  Your cache is hidden ground level, behind the family (but not too close).

FLAGPOLE - (Found by the South Tennis Courts )  Behind the flagpole sits a rock; behind the rock stands a tree; behind the tree hides a treasure.

BUSHES & TENNIS - (Found by the Fitness Center )  There's lots of buildings here.  One can make you really sweat. Look under the bushes next to the tennis courts at the end of the walk in front of the sweat shop.

55+ IS JUST A NBR - (Found by the Carol / Greenfield Entrance) 55+ may be just a number.  At the boulders across the street you will find something more.

DRAINAGE IN/OUT ? - (Found in the field across from the North Courts) Looking at the drain from the grass field; the rock at your feet is hiding a surprise

DYNAMIC STRETCHES - (Found in Greenfield Park at the work-out area)  Working out in the park can be a good thing.  Take frequent breaks and rest.  There’s lots of sitting space around “Dynamic Stretches”.  You have to get low to find your bounty

WE HAVE CANALS - (Found in Greenfield Park by the walking bridge)  In Europe these are filled with gondolas.  Here - not so much.  Enjoy the walking bridge area and the big tree close by.   Just 5 steps from the trunk hides a treasure. 

ROCK BED - (Found in Greenfield Park by the playground)  The bathrooms and playground are very close.  A beautiful white rock is placed on the edge of the big rock bed.   Below it is your treasure.

AUDITORIUM - (Found by the SLV Auditorium)  Between the Auditorium and the HOA office sits a raised bed.  Here there is a cactus surrounded by little friends.   One of these friends are different than the others.

RABBIT HOLE - (Found by the SLV 16th Hole Bathrooms)  Three cedars mark your way.  Here you will see your Rabbit Hole, Alice.   Walk thru to find your treasure.

UNDER THE SUN - (Found by the S St. Paul / Southern entrance)  There’s always something new under the “Sun”.   Try looking behind one of the purple Lantanas.

POINTED ENDS - (Found by the E Farmdale / Higley entrance)  This entrance has 6 sentinels.  3 on each side.  One side has a yellow statue.   This side does not.   Be careful you don’t get tooooo close.

Last Updated: Oct 21, 2022

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