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President's Message

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A Message from our Club  President

Dear Club Members:


Thanks for electing me your 2022-2023 President.

I am looking forward to a fun year of learning and getting to know each of you better.

Our club has gone through lots of changes this season. We went from not knowing if we would continue, to having a full house at our last few presentations.

Technology changes daily.  We have changed our direction this season from not only learning how to run a computer, but to also understanding our smartphones, our tablets, and all the other technologies that can make our lives easier.

My goal for the club is to make it a safe environment for learning.  We all learn differently and we all have different levels of ability and understanding of current technology.

To keep in touch this summer, club members will be invited to join via Zoom meetings.  We will have them once a month.  We hope to have some short learning topics, answer questions and just keep in touch with each other.

Our fall season will begin in October.  Be watching for some very exciting happenings.

Kathy Simmons


Kathy Simmons

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Last Updated: Sept 15, 2022

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