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SLVCC Presentations 2021 / 22

Smartphone and Tablet Organization.   Easily find what your looking for on your mobile phone, tablet, iPad or Windows computer.

Home Security 101.   There are so many home security devices out today.  It's confusing.  A little help to explain what devices can do, to determine what you need and where to look.  You go small - medium -or- larger.

Home Automation 101.   Home Security is one thing - Home Automation is yet another.  Do you need it?  Check out what can be automated and what it takes to be successful with this.

Backups - How To Protect Your Information.   Whether you have a Home Computer, a Laptop, A Tablet or iPad, or a SmartPhone - they all contain something that you don't want to lose.  Whether documents, email, or "the best grandchild picture ever" !!!!!   Don't leave yourself open to big looses.  Here's some ideas for backing up and being able to recover a loose.

Let's Try Zoom Meetings.   Does the possibility of video chat make you feel nervous?  Let's take a look at ZOOM (hey everyone's doing it) and get ready to apply it to our Sunland Village Computer Club weekly meetings !!!!!  Yep that's right, you can now be remote and still be part of the meeting (happy dance time).   Plus this will get you ready to connect with our families, friends, and some remote education possibilities.

Last Updated: Sept 17, 2022

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